Historically, rosy cheeks were considered an endearing quality. However, when this redness is more blotchy, speckled and possibly spread across other ares of the face or body it is more likely to be the skin disorder called Rosacea. It can appear across the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, neck, chest, scalp, ears and can flare up and then subside in redness and intensity. Sometimes unsightly look vessels can also begin to appear and the blotches may become rough and protrude as if they were pimples. Nose swelling can also occur, along with recess and blotchiness of the eyes.

Our clinic boasts a variety of technologies and products that can assist with controlling and reducing the symptoms of rosacea, including some of the latest, most effective topical treatments and LASER therapies. We can also advise on simple lifestyles changes that can have immediate effects.

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