Pigmentation occurs as darkened areas or spots on our skin that tend to increase and become more pronounced with sunlight and ageing. Some people might experience pigmentation as freckles or sun spots in their youth; others may have chronic blotches that cover large areas of their face, neck and décolletage.

Regardless of whether you have sun induced or hormonal pigmentation (melasma), it can age your appearance and erode your self-confidence. At anima clinica we offer a vast range of cutting edge technology and medical grade skin care treatments to help you achieve the healthiest, clearest skin possible.

Our nursing staff can conduct a comprehensive skin assessment with you to identify the most appropriate treatment options, such as: LASER and light based therapies, prescription medications, cosmeceuticals, microdermabrasion, masks or skin peels.

Depending on your condition and goals our skin care team can develop a rejuvenation and maintenance plan tailored to your unique needs.