Uneven skin tone & texture

As the years go by it is not uncommon for the skin to become blotchy and uneven in colour and texture. Some even ay that its uneven skin colour that is a bigger giveaway of our age, more so than wrinkles.

uneven skin.png

There are multiple different factors that can cause skin to change to like this, such has harsh UV rays, acne or having a genetic predisposition to these issues. Dehydration, poor diet, stress and fatigue, alcohol, smoking and environmental pollutants can also contribute to rough texture, visible pores and fine lines.

Regular exfoliation is key to removing the dead skin cells in order to bring fresh new ones to the surface.

Our skin clinic can guide you on the right products for your skin type, including vitamin rich foods and other lifestyle tweaks that can set you on the right path to smoother, more beautiful skin.

Feel free to contact us about our rejuvenating facials and chemical peels which also provide amazing results.