Anima clinica skin clinic provides advanced, clinically-effective, para-medical treatments that are specifically designed to achieve real clinical results. Our para-medical treatments are especially effective when performed as a series of treatments at regular intervals - our medical and nursing staff can guide you for best results.

All treatments can be performed on almost all areas of the body and most can be upgraded to include Healite LED therapy.

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Our more advanced treatments may also be upgraded to include microdiamabrasion and or hydobrasion depending on the condition being treated.

VITA CLEAR Mandelic Treatment for Skin Clarity

This deep cleansing treatment incorporates β-hydroxy acid (BHA) and potent antioxidants to penetrate and clear congested pores. The Vita-Clear treatment helps to soothe inflamed skin, control excessive oiliness, mattify the complexion and minimise future breakouts.

This is the perfect treatment for acneic prone skin especially when combined with a series of 415nm Healite® LED treatments.

VITA REPAIR Lactic treatment for Hydration

This treatment is designed to visibly improve stressed, dry and dehydrated skin. Vita-Repair is an effective moisture boosting and protective treatment which helps to repair and restore the skin’s natural outer coating called the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). This natural coating helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity, it improves the natural shedding of dead, dull skin cells and protects the deeper layers of the skin from premature ageing, infection and further dehydration.

The Vita-Repair treatment features a potent B2vitamin moisturising complex containing provitamins B5 and B3 to visibly repair the NMF, nourish the skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles.

 A perfect treatment to upgrade with the red/yellowHealite® LED therapy

VITA GLOW Peel for Radiance

This multi-action mild peel visibly reduces the appearance of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark epidermal(superficial)age spots. It is a powerful combination of 5 natural pigment (melanin) blocking agents, skin brightening agents and exfoliating agents to synergistically restore the skin luminosity and radiance.

 This treatment is ideally up-graded to include microdiamabrasion and or hydrobrasion.

VITA LIFT Facial Treatment for powerful Skin Rejuvenation

Featuring our triple-action, anti-ageing powerhouse of ingredients including: vitamins A and C and medical-strength AHA’s & BHA. This treatment combines pure indulgence with real, visible skin rejuvenation. The Vita-Lift treatment actively works to reverse the visible signs of ageing by perfecting and refining the skin’s overall appearance.

A perfect treatment to up-grade with microdiamabrasion and or hydrobrasion and the red/yellow Healite® LED therapy.