Heatwave Rescue


Sun and dry weather increase skin and eye sensitivity in all age groups especially outdoor workers, children and the elderly. If you are unlucky enough to get sunburnt then get out of the direct sunlight immediately, reduce your skin temperature as quickly as possible with cool water and ice if possible. Remember sun damage is not only caused by direct sunlight but also indirect and refracted sunlight so be mindful of windows, windscreens. Use protective clothing and sunglasses sometimes moisturising eyedrops can help burning eyes. Protective clothing and portable shade with lots of water and sunblock are essential if you absolutely have to be out and about during the middle of the day.

Stresses of heat can include:

  • Vascular dilation and broken capillaries

  • Pigmentation

  • Worsens Melasma and rosacea

  • Can contribute to a breakout of acne

  • Systemic heat stress from dehydration