More and more often men are receiving male cosmetic treatments which are very different to women’s treatments to hold back time and refresh their appearance. When it comes to facial aesthetics, men have a very different set of considerations to take into account. Men’s skin tends to be thicker, facial muscles are much stronger and also the outcomes required are very different to those of a woman. With that in mind wouldn’t it make sense to come to a clinic with plenty of experience in treating men? We think so. Our aesthetic doctors treat men on a regular basis and have extensive training and knowledge in facial aesthetics for men

The most commonly performed treatments for men are neurotoxin injections and not just for bruxism and fillers for facial volume replacement - especially around the male jawline and mid face region. LASER resurfacing for sun damage and IPL for facial redness and broken capillaries are also very popular treatments with men. Acne scar revision and pore size reduction are also popular treatments. Eyelid rejuvenation for men in their 40s-60s can open up the eyes and give a refreshed, less tired look and neck and chin liposculpting is essential for enhancing that sort after chiselled facial contour of a masculine jawline. Men, like women, want to look fresher without being obvious or ever over done - it is essential in keeping men manly, and to avoid feminising a masculine face.

For best results numerous treatments and treatment options may need to be considered and each individual will respond differently so results will vary between individuals. Feel free to call on 02 6331 9163 for your personalised Visia® assessment and treatment journey.