Facial hollowing is mostly a result of aging or illness. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and collagen and we lose volume from our subcutaneous tissues and bone structure. We shrink on the inside leaving the outer canvas (skin) loose!  This is one of the most overlooked aspects of the three important features of natural beauty - skin texture, tone and volume. Aesthetically, facial volume loss may cause a hollowness under the eyes, a flattened look to the cheeks, sunken temples, and reduced lip size. Additionally, there can be increased skin laxity, causing loose skin around the jawline or jowls. To make matters worse, vertical lines may appear on the lips, around the nose, and down from the corners of the mouth. Volume loss can also make the skin appear drier, thinner, and less firm and vibrant. As we age, one of the first areas to lose volume is the mid facial region, and by improving mid face volume, we can significantly reverse the appearance of ageing.

Volume replacement can start as early as the mid 30s - in fact volumising fillers or fat-transfer injectables can be used to improve hollowed facial and hand areas and provide the necessary support and structure required for that younger you appearance. Products used may directly fill and produce an immediate effect, stimulate new collagen growth over time or have a combination of these effects and can last from 6-18 months or more in some instances.

For best results numerous treatments and treatment options may need to be considered and each individual will respond differently so results will vary between individuals. Feel free to call on 02 6331 9163 for your personalised assessment and treatment journey.