Acne is unfortunately a very common skin condition which can present at any age and in many different forms. The exact cause of acne still eludes us, however acne is primarily an inflammatory condition, with a very strong genetic predisposition that is compounded by environmental and social influences such as diet, lifestyle and stress which may all contribute to breakouts and flare-ups.

Acne can present across any of the following areas: the face, neck, forehead, chest, shoulders and back, and can sometimes create a rough, uneven texture both under the skin and on the skin’s surface that can unfortunately lead to scaring.

Acne is a condition taken very seriously at anima clinica because of the significant social and psychological impact it can have on an individual’s self-esteem, job opportunities, socialisation, and has even been reported to negatively influence academic results. The longer-term psychological effects can remain for many years after successful treatment. Therefore early assessment and management is essential. Part of a thorough assessment is assisting sufferers to identify factors or triggers that could aggravate their acne.

Often when we see teenagers, we see them with their parents, and, at this time, we can take the opportunity to raise awareness in terms of the family being more proactive towards minimizing the triggers of acne. If one family member is affected then there is a high likelihood that other siblings may also deal with the same problem in the future. Having that perspective may help families manage acne symptoms and ultimately protect young people from longer term mental-health distress.

Our clinic has assisted many people to manage their acne. This includes offering sound advice on things that can trigger and aggravate acne. We can advise you on the right homecare management appropriate for your skin and acne type, which may include very specific cleansers and anti-inflammatory topicals, retinoids, in-clinic mild and moderate chemical peels and oral supplements just to name a few options.

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For best results you may require several treatments and all individuals will respond differently so results will vary between individuals. Feel free to call on 02 6331 9163 for your personalised Visia® skin assessment and treatment journey.