3 Simple Ways To Wipe 10-Years Of Ageing From Your Face

Expert Advice From Australia’s Top Skin Care Doctors So You Can Bring Out Your Natural Beauty At 50, 60, 70 And Beyond


1. Address your textural variations

What are textural variations? Well - they’re the little things that add up over the years, i.e. sun damage, ages spots, broken capillaries.

Smoothing out these variations will immediately take age off any face.

The QUICKEST way to address variations is through light-based devices that target pigment and broken capillaries such as LASER & IPL devices.

Combining light-based devices with quality homecare and tools like skin peels will greatly improve the quality of your skin and remove textual irregularities and take years off your face.

2. Naturally improve your “bounce-back factor”

Improving your bounce-back factor is all about TONE.

Remember when you were young and your skin seemed to stretch and bounce back with ease?

As we age, our skin’s scaffolding (collagen and elastin) deteriorate. That once tight and youthful facial skin now sags around your jawline.

Now, this is one of those areas where we have to detect the problem early.

We all know it’s going to happen, so start prevention measures now!

We need to work on the quality of your ‘collagen and elastin fibers’ and that requires a multi-pronged approach.

My personal favourites are fractionated lasering and needling with PRP (platelet rich plasma), in combination with a potent stack of topicals.

3. Bring out your natural volume

Loss of volume in our face is the biggest indicator of ageing.

Just like that smooth tight skin of younger years, as you age, it’s all about appropriate fine lines and wrinkles and soft facial contours.

Getting to work on smoothing out the dents and hollows will soften the outline of the face and give it back a more youthful appearance.

So How Can You Start Erasing Your Wrinkles, Fast?


It’s all about ageing gracefully.

The whole idea behind Anima Clinica is self-confidence.

You shouldn’t have to be scared of your skin changing as you get older, you should be excited!

My name’s Nadia Zanco, and I’m the founder of Anima Clinica skin and cosmetic medical clinic.

We’ve transformed the lives of hundreds of men and women, by using the highest grade medical techniques available.

I speak with women in their 50s every single day and just like you, we all share the same frustrations…

They say…

“Nadia, I’m sick of looking older than I really am, what should I do?”

I’ve truly seen it all, and I understand how confusing it can be for a lot of women, especially the emotions of seeing your face change year by year.

It’s something we have the privilege of doing at Anima Clinica, taking this confusion and turning it into confidence by showing women how to age gracefully and confidently.

If you want to finally feel like you’ve taken 10 years off your age, then I want to offer you something special.


Claim Your Free 30-Minute Skin Rejuvenation Session


Reserve your 30-minute zero obligation session with the skin experts at Anima Clinica, and we’ll walk you through a personalized strategy to get your skin looking 10 years younger!

On your call, your skin expert will conduct a thorough analysis of your skin’s textural variation, tonal ‘bounce-back factor’ and where your natural volume is in relation to your age.

Then, based on precisely what your skin’s condition is, we’ll work with you to develop an exact roadmap to younger looking skin.

In addition to your Customised Skin Rejuvenation Plan, we’ll also be sharing these handy tips with you:

  • Is your daily routine drying out your skin? We’ll show you how to uncover the harmful skincare mistakes most women make so you can enjoy more youthful looking skin

  • 2 simple habits to adopt each morning so you can say goodbye to the ‘just got out of bed’ look

  • 5 foods making you look older than you are (avoid these like the plague and you could reduce your rate of aging dramatically)  

  • 3 simple tricks you can use on a daily basis to naturally replenish your skin (this is key if you want smoother, healthy skin, fast)

  • How to minimize your wrinkles on a budget (so your friends are left begging for your secrets)

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